The complex of our compulsory services includes :

Development of individual nutrition programs for agricultural crops, taking into account the soil and climatic characteristics of the region, cultivation technology and target indicators of crop.
Optimization of agricultural technologies adopted in the agricultural enterprise with the inclusion of Volsky Biochem fertilizers in them in order to increase the agronomic and economic efficiency of agricultural production.
Consulting and information support on crop production and agrochemistry. Taking into account the parameters of crop growth and development, adjusting the technology elements to achieve maximum yield and quality.
Preparation of a comparative analysis of the compositions of various brands of fertilizers with the aim of optimal selection to achieve maximum results.
Support of the use of Volsky Biochem products at all stages of use from seed treatment to harvesting, with the preparation of a full report on the results of product use, calculation of economic efficiency and subsequent recommendations for achieving maximum efficiency.

 Volsky Biochem LLC


A Russian research

and production company

with a long history, it produces

and sells liquid complex 

fertilizer with microelements 

based on its patented recipes.



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